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These types of cycle and motorcycle shelters are designed to offer functional and cost effective storage facilities.

A wide variety of designs are offered to suit most requirements.

Shelters are manufactured with a tubular framework, clad with box profile Plastisol coated steel cladding, or alternatively in some instances, clear polycarbonate. 


The design is modular and therefore capacity can be increased by simply adding additional bays.

Standard modular bays are manufactured in 3.5m (frame centre) increments, offering storage for 10 cycles or 3 - 4 motorcycles per bay (reduced size bays available).






Close-up of the wheel fittings, showing alternate high and low fittings for maximum storage without bikes scraping each other.


A cycle shelter made of a preformed tubular structure with curved roof where sectional frames are fitted to a concrete slab.

The roof is of Plastisol coated steel sheet, curved to the profile shown on the attached sketch, which offers roof cover of 2760mm.

A fascia strip is fitted to the leading edge of the roof. Cycles are stored at a centre spacing of 305mm where both front and rear wheels are fully located, with the cycles positioned in a horizontal attitude.

50% of cycle storage stations are suitable for cycles having extra wide tyres. Supplied complete with all fixings and fastenings as a kit ready for assembly by others to a flat level concrete slab.






Curved bike shelter

A stylish, modern, high quality shelter designed and formed to perfectly compliment any development.

This shelter offers simple and effective weather protection for the user and is ideal for a wide range of uses, including cycle storage, motorcycle parking and providing smoking or waiting facilities


 A curved bike shelter with "toast-rack" style bike rack.

Robust, a simplee design, and durable.






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