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Our bike racks are specified by many architects on new and refurbishing projects as encouraging cycling by providing safe, secure and well designed equipment!

Our in-house design and fabrication team build high quality products of traditional design which are often in stock, and also bespoke to suit an architects plan


Inclined, wall-mounted bike racks, designed to save space.

Can be designed for a large number of bikes to be stored, free-standing or bolted to a suitable wall.


Free-standing rack, bolted to the floor. 

The rack stores bikes in an alternate "raise/lower" configuration to avoid handlebar clashing and to maximise the usage of available storage space.






Close-up image of the rack above.


A "toast-rack" style of bike rack, made of Glavanised steel.

Can be free standing, moveable, or bolted to the floor.

Will fit 1 or 2 bikes per station, and can be made of any specfied length.






Horizontal bike stand, wide-tyre suitable.


Close-up of the wheel capture.








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