Making use of our own designers and UK factories, we specialise in the fabrication and manufacture of custom bike stands, bike storage racks, and bike security sheds - and have done so for a great many years. Whether you are a school, a college or a business, we can offer to professionaly design and fabricate a custom bike storage rack or a bike shelter to suit your particular needs, and within your given space requirements and limitations.

From wall-mounted cycle racks - for space and convenience, to free-standing bike racks, or bike racks with fabricated metal and glass shelters, we have a solution for your particular requirements - and at a budget to suit.

Our cycle racks are specified by many architects on new and refurbishing projects as encouraging cycling by providing safe, secure and well designed equipment!

Our in-house design and fabrication team build high quality products of traditional design which are often in stock, and also bespoke to suit an architects plan

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A simple, single bike free stand, bolted to the floor.

Can be positioned anywhere, quick and simple to install, cheap to purchase.                 



Single free "Sheffield" cycle stand, bolted to the floor.

Can be positioned anywhere.






A simple "Sheffield" cycle stand with a cross-bar.

Stands can be made of any require height or width to suit.


A wall-mounted stand for a single bike, quick to install and easy to locate when you have limited space for a dedicated rack.

Cheap to buy, quick and simple to install.








Stainless steel Sheffield style cycle hoops are not just functional and stylish but maintenance free


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Tel: 02920 450 128

Midlands Metal Fabricated Bike Stands


Free standing galvanised bike stands can be installed almost anywhere and can be bolted to the ground or left as a temporary cycle stand. These are designed to suit all types of bikes and tyre widths.